Touch of Heart

Arlie Theresa Mischeaux, CMT

These sacred sessions use traditional tools and healing practices of indigenous healers from South America, North America, Canada, Europe and India. Each session is grounded in a unique blend of massage and bodywork to create more harmony, openness, and receptivity in the body, mind, and feelings. What makes it so effective and powerful is the use of Intention along with deep energy clearing to bring in more light, profound relaxation, clarity, and overall well-being.


Arlie draws on her many years as a bodyworker and massage therapist in addition to indigenous healing practices she learned while studying, traveling and living abroad. She is such a caring and skilled massage therapist and healing practitioner.  I found it so helpful during this particularIy stressful time, just before retiring from my job as a Hospice social worker when I had been having a lot of unexpected feelings, stress, and tremendous exhaustion. Simply put, I found her work to be nurturing, healing, balancing, and cleansing.  It brought up some feelings which needed to come up and were allowed to gently flow away. Thus its not only the body which benefits, it is the whole person. I highly recommend massage from Arlie.  
- Ann

I didn’t know exactly what kind of help I needed, but I had been feeling as if under a dark cloud emotionally for months. And I didn’t know what to expect from a session with Arlie, but her touch and her down-to-earth manner made it easy to relax. Even my very first session was deeply comforting and heart-lightening. It felt simple (in a powerful way), and ancient and mysterious at the same time. I very much look forward to my next session!
- Mary

In her Touch of Heart sessions, Arlie brings a synergistic complement of life experience combined with a natural dexterity with  her chosen tools in order to get to the heart of the matter. Arlie has that rare gift of listening deeply, and distilling the essence of what is being presented to a clarity that was used as a touchstone-intention upon which my immensely transformative session unfolded.

The beauty of the space, Arlie’s clear and present emanation, the deeply nurturing and exquisite massage, which allowed my nervous system to calm down—all combined to create an atmosphere of letting go of all the heavy baggage I walked in with, and to come in touch with the innermost sanctum of myself.  By the end of the session, it was as if all my energy centers & pathways were purified, energized, harmonized. and now open to the natural wisdom of the Moment. 

I left the session feeling uplifted and supported on every level—body relaxed, nervous system down a few notches, mind free & clear, feelings calm, perspective shifted, and and overall posture of confidence that “all is well, and all will be well."

The amazing gift is that it didn’t fade away. Now when I start to feel anxious or pulled to the past or future, or into some rabbit hole of worry—that place in me that was touched in the session is palpably accessed, and the road becomes clear, again, with clarity and the courage to keep going in a more harmonious and balanced direction.

This is an offering of the beautiful and ancient art that supports our direction towards wholeness of that which is our birthright.

- Roxanne